More than 30 Years of Experience

Delivering the best at all times is not an easy task but the team of SOUND4 makes it seem effortless thanks to over 30 solid years of experience in the field. What we excel at, above everything else, is audio signal processing. Launched back in 2007, SOUND4 began with analog technologies and went on to achieve groundbreaking results in the digital world as well, having an instant impact on the market with a string of innovative products. The launch of a set of FM/HD processing tools was quickly followed by the release of networking audio-over-IP solutions.

2010 was significant in the company’s illustrious history as SOUND4’s very first multichannel voice processor was introduced on the market and the company integrated the Livewire Audio IP standard, which most of our equipment today is compatible with. This revolutionary product immediately received the acknowledgement of the industry in the form of two prestigious prizes – The 2010 Innovation Trophy in Paris and the Pick Hit Award at the 2012 NAB Show in Las Vegas. Further recognition came in 2012 with the release of our Web Radio product range which received a Cool Stuff Award upon its presentation at NAB 2012.

Today, SOUND4 is a household name in the competitive, fast-developing world of broadcasting technology and enjoys a deserved reputation for proven quality and reliable service.

All SOUND4 products are developed and produced in accordance with the latest ISO 9001 quality control standards.


The SOUND4 – DEVA Partnership

2016 was a landmark year as two of the most respected companies in the industry – SOUND4 and DEVA Broadcast, joined forces, forming a powerhouse team dedicated to delivering broadcasting excellence. Adding to the equation its own expertise and years of experience at the top level, DEVA brings to the table its considerable resources and knowledge of hardware development to ensure unparalleled quality of the finished product.


A Wealth of Engineering Talent

What our merchandise owes its massive appeal to is the creativity of a highly-skilled team of engineers responsible for bringing bright, fresh ideas to life through vast know-how in their respective fields. We pride ourselves on not allowing any compromises with quality and laying great emphasis on fine-tuning each detail, which we believe is the key to the overwhelming success of our products.


What SOUND4 Guarantees

Besides a combination of creativity and technical expertise, SOUND4 also relies heavily on versatility. Products are developed to serve multiple purposes and offer a number of functions for even better performance. The company provides solutions that are cost-effective, reliable, fully upgradable and very compact in terms of design. Another important advantage is heat reduction, as well as the intelligent interconnection with the rest of the chain, especially where music programming is concerned.


Perfect Sound Quality

Perfect clarity of sound is the signature asset of our products and the reason why SOUND4 today stands for unrivalled audio quality. This is a brand that is recognizable all over the world for affordable excellence, dependability and constant innovation.


Reliable Technical Support

As we appreciate the importance of each product’s flawless operation, we guarantee dependable technical support by a team of engineers whose job it is to answer all your questions, provide you with detailed information on device features and capabilities, and guide you through using our products to your best advantage. Expert advice is there for you whenever you need it.